I am Efruz. I had just gotten divorced and I don't want to do anything for a while. I didn't want to go anywhere either. But my friend Azra had a wedding. Azra was my university friend and she introduced me to my husband Atilla. I was supposed to go to this wedding. I wore a coat and hat to avoid attracting too much attention. This outfit showed neither my gender nor me. I went and sat in a corner at the wedding. I finished the night just watching without listening to anyone. After leaving the wedding hall, I took a taxi. I gave the taxi my home address and told him to go to my  address.

    It was dark inside the taxi and there was a bad smell. I wanted to be home as soon as possible. After a while, the taxi driver entered the path. It was dark and I started to get scared on the road. I regret giving my full home address. I didn't pay attention to the taxi driver. He looks like a rude, sullen man. I started to be afraid of this darkness. The taxi driver's accelerated breathing started to scare me even more.

When the taxi slowed down, I started thinking about jumping out of the car. I  drank some alcohol. I didn't have the strength to jump or fight. The taxi driver started driving faster through the dark and deserted streets. I didn't keep silent so as not to anger the taxi driver. From now on, I decided that no matter what, I would jump out of the taxi or jump out whenever I saw someone anywhere in the city. On a dark street, the taxi driver suddenly stopped and taxi driver quickly got out of the taxi and ran away. Out of fear and curiosity, I called the police. The police arrived immediately and the taxi driver was with him. The taxi driver was also afraid that I would kill him.vb:-) It was an interesting night.