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Edinburgh Fringe Festival for My Healty

  I love festivals very much. Especially independent festivals.  Edinburgh Fringe Festival first started in 1947. It is the biggest festival in the  world. More tickets are sold than the Olympics and the World Football Cup.


  It's a legendary movie. The movie begins with the journey of a bullet. The bullet is first produced and thenpackaged and the packaged shipping to Africa. A person puts that bullet to his Kalschnikov gun and after kills another person.

Tales for Adults (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

  I wanted to do a little philosophy on this assignment. Tales are written to give messages to the reader.  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was written by the German Brothers   Grimm in 1812. When Lillli (Snow White) was very young, her mother died and her father, Lord Frederick Hoffman, married Claudia (stepmother and witch). Since Claudia could not has a baby so she was talking to a mirror. 


 I am Efruz. I had just gotten divorced and I don't want to do anything for a while. I didn't want to go anywhere either. But my friend Azra had a wedding. Azra was my university friend and she introduced me to my husband Atilla. I was supposed to go to this wedding. I wore a coat and hat to avoid attracting too much attention. This outfit showed neither my gender nor me. I went and sat in a corner at the wedding. I finished the night just watching without listening to anyone. After leaving the wedding hall, I took a taxi. I gave the taxi my home address and told him to go to my  address.

Law No:6284 Protect the family and prevention of violence against to the women.

I had some assignments for english course, publish  my blog. I  liked them. There are many different ideas and examples but the opposite ideas are immediately silenced. In short The Law if one of spouse, get to verbal and physical violence, for the government take the quick reaction .