Tales for Adults (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)


I wanted to do a little philosophy on this assignment. Tales are written to give messages to the reader. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was written by the German Brothers  Grimm in 1812. When Lillli (Snow White) was very young, her mother died and her father, Lord Frederick Hoffman, married Claudia (stepmother and witch). Since Claudia could not has a baby so she was talking to a mirror. 

The question she asks the mirror most often is "mirror mirror, tell me, is there anyone in the world more beautiful than me?" The mirror always tells the truth. Until Snow White became a young girl; "There is no one more beautiful than you, my queen," she said. One day the mirror; "The more beautiful one than you, she is Princess Snow," said She. The queen orders Snow White to be killed in the forest. The guard went to the forest with her to kill but he didnt kill her. The guard thinks that Snow White will be eaten by the wolves.

Snow White found a dirty, messy house in the forest and cleaned it. While he was sleeping, the owners of the house, the 7 dwarfs, came. The dwarves accepted Snow White to live in the house to clean and take care of the house. The mirror, which tells the truth, says that Snow White is alive. The queen came to Snow White disguised as an old woman. She offered him a poisoned apple. Snow White taked a bite and faints. Snow White will sleep until she finds truelove.

One day, Prince Charming comed and kissed the princess, woke her up and they lived happily.

 The witch has hidden her lie within the truth. The poison is in the magnificent red apple. The most  dangerous lie is the one that mixes the truth with the lie and hides it with the truth. Which of us hasn't eaten a magnificent red apple!

 Dwarfs are ugly men. But they have no sexuality. They live away from society.  Although all of them are in love with Snow White, none of them express their feelings to Snow White openly. A man who cannot express his emotions and does not use sexuality; Like the witch, the dwarf is a symbol of exclusion from society.

 Prince Charming is coming. He kisses first. The relationship between men and women starts with the symbol of sexuality. Feminists say, as they always do, have wrong thoughts in this tale that are contrary to the nature of men and women, and that this is a another reflection of the male-dominated society.

Snow White is cleaning the house and cooking. Everyone has roles in life. As feminists state, it is a process that takes place not through  male-imposition, but through evolution (sexuality evolutions roles).