It's a legendary movie. The movie begins with the journey of a bullet. The bullet is first produced and thenpackaged and the packaged shipping to Africa. A person puts that bullet to his Kalschnikov gun and after kills another person.

In general, the film tells about being an immigrant, the collapse of the cold war, the world drug and arms trade and the inability of Interpol.

Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) realizes that he cannot work as a cook in a Crimean restaurant and decides to become an arms dealer. He thinks that he can make the best money by smuggling guns and starts to become a gun smuggler. He earned the nickname of the god of war by selling smuggled weapons to many countries.

The film is like a documentary film and offers a perspective on the world arms trade. Below I shared my favorite lines from the movie.

“the kalashnikov has become the.... russian people's greatest export. After that comes vodka, caviar and

suicidal novelists”

“We are a species that wages war to sell weapons. A species of type that buys weapons and kills people

while it is starving.”

"wars are fought for weapons"

“ I sold weapons to both sides in the Iran-Iraq war.”

"Bullets change governments more than votes."

Spear tip traces were found in the oldest skull ever found in the world. This shows that weapons are the

most basic human need.”

“What do you know about guns? I know which side I should be on.”

"I was selling Israeli-made Uzis to Muslims. I was giving communist-made bullets to fascists."

“It is very strange that when a person is very angry and very pleased, he turns to his mother tongue.”