Law No:6284 Protect the family and prevention of violence against to the women.

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There are many different ideas and examples but the opposite ideas are immediately silenced. In short The Law if one of spouse, get to verbal and physical violence, for the government take the quick reaction .
when law no: 6284 applies to a bad person, victim is protected verbal,clamp or KADES app by it. But the law cannot protect the victim fully for the humans' harms. Sometimes this law causes even a small family problem to cause the family to break up. small act turn into bigger problem.We say in Turkish "kaş yaparken göz çıkarmak". “want to make good things but do bad things.” 
Many women often abuse this law, and men who are kicked out of the house never want to return home again. While this law is supposed to protect the family, it first tears the family and then society apart. For 6284 law, A father who was kicked out of the house in the winter so who had to stay in a car so froze to death.
So who is the culprit?

1-Young suicide %63 from without father`s homes.
2-Children who run out from home and homeless, %90 from without father`s homes.
3-Children who have behavioral disorder, %96 from without father`s homes.
4-Children who rape and guilt of fight, %80 from without father`s homes.
5-Children who dropping out of the high school, %71 from without father`s homes.
6-Young criminals in prison, %85 from without father`s homes.
8- 70% percent of children protected by the state come from fatherless homes.
9-90% of girls left on the streets come from fatherless homes.
10-80 percent of girls who are victims of rape and fights from fatherless families.
11-71 percent of pregnant young age girls come from fatherless families.
12-90 percent of young arsonist come from fatherless families.

"nothing is important than life/live"  
"Justice is the basis of property and life."