Edinburgh Fringe Festival for My Healty


I love festivals very much. Especially independent festivals. Edinburgh Fringe Festival first started in 1947. It is the biggest festival in the world. More tickets are sold than the Olympics and the World Football Cup.

Every artist from every country in the world can participate in the festival. There is no selection committee. Every talent and idea is open. Actors sell tickets d uring the day and perform in the evening. The festival is held throughout August. In addition to performing arts, the festival also organizes a book fair. A perfect environment for a bookworm like me. It makes a wonderful trio with Scotland's magnificent historical buildings, nature and art. Being at this festival makes me feel happy. Since it is very crowded, accommodation becomes a problem. I arranged accommodation early via airbnb. I will fly to Scotland and stay for 4 weeks. When I go, I will work as a volunteer on stage and for ticket sales. It  will be an art-filled event for me.